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What We Do

 Established in 1998, MEH is an Industrial and Provident Society that came into being as a direct result of partnership working. MEH was created when a partnership of organisations came together, having determined the need for a specialist infrastructure body to support the inclusion agenda and to administer government funding programmes to achieve positive outcomes for voluntary and community organisations active in this field across Merseyside.

The Board of MEH has 9 members all of whom have relevant experience and expertise either through being a representative of a voluntary or community organisation or by being an independent with specialist professional skills and knowledge that strengthens the board. The current chair of MEH is Dave Roberts of The Independence Initiative. The staff team of 7 is made up of people all of whom are experienced in delivering services to the voluntary and community sector – with social inclusion organisations in particular.

 Financially MEH predominantly attracts a mixture of grant aid, contract or Service Level Agreement based income and earnings from consultancy. The annual turnover of the organisation is typically of the order of £1 million which is derived from a wide range of sources for example:

  • European Regional Development Fund
  • European Social Fund
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • EU Programmes (LLP, Erasmus+...) 
  • Liverpool City Council
  • EU DG Enterprise and Industry

The activity of MEH is underpinned by four core values that determine and inform how MEH undertakes the work that it does.

Our core values are:

INCLUSION - we recognise that everyone has something to contribute, embracing people and their potential.

INTEGRITY - we are trustworthy and competent so that people have justifiable confidence in us.

INSPIRATION - we lead, empower, and enable people to break new ground, pioneering improvement in social inclusion

COLLABORATION - we build on everyone's strengths and engage in open dialogue in pursuit of positive social change

MEH is skilled at bringing together Merseyside based voluntary, private and public sector agencies to promote and generate multi agency and cross sector working around key issues relevant to social inclusion, gender equality and diversity. The specialist expertise in different areas of exclusion held by the diverse organisations involved in MEH continues to be a major strength of each and every partnership. 

We have built a reputation as a competent, effective voluntary sector organisation, a ´safe pair of hands´ which, without bias, has used the funding available to it to support a wide range of innovative national and European projects and we have done that by:

  • Influencing the development of social inclusion.
  • Multi-agency and cross sector networking and partnership development.
  • Strategic involvement with key agencies to promote inclusion.
  • Encouraging best practice.
  • Developing and delivering projects which target the most excluded groups and individuals and access appropriate funding. 
  • Acting as Accountable Body for large consortia projects
  • Providing information, advice and guidance to community and voluntary sector organisations to access European grant funding.  Including raising awareness, training and project development support through outreach.
  • Providing information, advice and guidance, through newsletters, events, briefings and training  on accessing EU funding.
  • Carrying out a number of mentoring activities including accredited training in volunteer mentoring

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