CIC - Community Integration and Cohesion


This was a two year project funded through LEONARDO Transfer of Innovation strand of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.


The C.I.C project (Community Integration and Cohesion) project focused on developing methods to promote integration and cohesion amongst adult learners, particularly those from inner-city areas and /or disadvantaged/ marginalised communities. The C.I.C project aimed to build positive relationships between different groups and communities. The project utilised an innovative DVD produced by Merseyside Expanding Horizons.

The DVD presented the stories of real people who had experienced some form of exclusion in their lives e.g a refugee, a deaf person, an ex-offender etc. – in total, nine case studies were portrayed. The aim in producing that DVD was to use it in the development of a course/seminar/workshop which would enable learners to "experience" the lives, fears and hopes of individuals from different communities in our society.

The aim of the C.I.C project was to produce a product that would promote social integration and cohesion amongst adult learners and influence behaviours. The project adapted an innovative DVD produced by Expanding Horizons, for use in other target countries. This wwasbe done by examining the relevance of the case studies, translating those most relevant, adding additional case studies and producing course material/workbooks to accompany the DVD.


The immediate target group were adults within vocational education and training delivered by colleges and voluntary sector organisations. We were particularly aiming at adult learners from inner city and/or disadvantaged marginalised communities who by utilising the CIC course would be encouraged to build positive relationships between different groups and communities.


The objectives of the project were:

  • To learn about and share experiences of tackling community integration and cohesion amongst partners

  • To develop curriculum and learning materials which include the innovative DVD featuring cases studies from a variety of diverse groups and individuals e.g. a person who has experienced a mental illness, an asylum seeker, a deaf person, a young person from a BME community etc.

  • To ensure that the curriculum, learning materials and DVD were adapted by each partner to reflect the situation in their country. The DVD features case studies from all the partner countries.

  • To develop and test the curriculum, learning materials and DVD, in close co-operation with the target group, in an iterative development process.


The end product was: a DVD plus teacher/trainers manual and workbooks produced for each country participating in the project. All materials were localised to reflect the situation in the participating countries and were published in the national languages of the partners, as well as in English.


  • individuals developed an understanding of needs and abilities of different social groups

  • individuals were able to transfer that understanding into their work and communities

The products were tested in all participating countries


The other partners in this project were: Valter Fissambler Associates (VFA) - Greece - Training Consultants, IREA (Romania) Research Institute, CID – Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo (Spain) – Not For Profit – research and training, Socialinių inovacijų fondas (SIF) – Lithuania, EURO-training (Bulgaria) – Not For Profit – research and training.

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