Congenial: Connecting Generations


Congenial: Connecting Gernations aims to create in an environment conducive to intergenerational communication and mutual understanding that will lead to a better quality of life for al in our local communitiesl. This will be done through non formal and informal adult education activities carried out by the partner organisations.

It aims to  produce and transfer knowledge, methods and good practice for senior citizen education and intergenerational learning through visits to partner countries and a shared on line platform at European level


"To develop innovative methods to foster communication and create learning opportunities between older and younger generations based on exchanging good practices of the participants organisations"


a) Experimenting innovative, non conventional forms of communication and learning to enhance mutual understanding and recognition between generations (world cafes, learning circles, e-mentoring) b) Offering learning opportunities, based on participation and creativity to be shared and utilised by the old and the young, preserving and sharing cultural memories (e.g. traditional games, folk art, art crafts, etc.) as well as opening to the digital era (social media, ICTs in general) c) Exchange good practices, through visits to partner organisaitions and a web platform and international seminars d) Promote  all the above in a user-friendly e-publication

Differnt partners from different countries will showcase differernt intergenerational learning methodologies including:


Poland: Writing memory and transmit to the younger generations Storytelling, biography, arts and crafts


learning circles (traditions – learning by doing) Traditional food, NETs


Drama –Theatre as means for intergenerational dialogues using OST (open space technology)


arts and crafts

Folk art (learning by doing)

Italy - AIDEA:

language cafés

Storytelling, conversations (multiple subjects)


World café Digital story telling


Training for e-mentoring


Community mapping

Italy – EDA Forum:

Systematizing– participatory research action.

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