Crossing the Line Eurospectives


Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Project

Project No: UK/09/LLP-LdV/TOI/163_272

Crossing the Line: Eurospectives was a two year project funded in 2009 – 2011 by the Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Strand of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.


The main of Crossing the Line: Eurospectives was to develop and adapt an innovative DVD "Crossing the Line" – developed by URBEATZ in the UK for use in other target countries. The DVD uses input from young people in each of the partner countries and was successfully tested in close co-operation with the target group.

The new product called 'Crossing the Line: Eurospectives' (CtL) comprises of a DVD and accompanying workbooks. Crossing the Line: Eurospectives products highlight the issues affecting young people in each of the participating countries providing a European perspective on youth culture, disengagement and engagement and provided VET trainers working with young people innovative tools to support their work.

Eurospectives product provides an invaluable tool for VET trainers working with young people. It has created and developed tools for understanding the situation of young people in the partner countries as well as identifying and developing "innovative approaches to youth worker training". The product provides them with innovative material to offer a different approach to enable their client group to develop a range of transferable skills and increase employability. In addition, by involving young people in the project particularly through the testing and the intercultural youth exchange event, CtL has helped to build better relations and promote intercultural dialogue between different groups of young people


Led by the UK via Merseyside Expanding Horizons in partnership with URBEATZ, other partners are from Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Romania and Italy.

Project Coordinator of Merseyside Expanding Horizons

Rosina Ndukwe,

For more information please visit:

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