DiDe - Developments in Diversity


This was a two year project funded through LEONARDO Transfer Of Innovation Strand of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.


The project ran from 2007-2009.

The main aim of this project was to increase the ability of those in vocational education and training to manage diversity.

To do this we transferred specific innovative diversity content and results, gained mainly from the Grundtvig DiGe_E project (Diversity and Gender Experts for Europe), and adapted it to new sectors and target groups.


  • to provide training in diversity issues by transferring lessons learned from the Dige_E training course;

  • to adapt, develop, promote and test a quality management accreditation procedure for diversity training and test the procedure;

  • to adapt, develop, promote and test the use of a diversity self-assessment product to encourage organisations to implement diversity systems;

  • to pilot the concept of a European pool of Diversity Experts; and

  • to transfer best practice in diversity information management.


  • individuals learnt about and developed an understanding of diversity and the management of diversity;

  • people were able to choose the best training available and to have standards to measure against;

  • organisations were able to implement diversity policies and strategies

  • individuals and organisations had access to a European Pool of Diversity Experts

  • individuals and organisations to had access to high quality information on diversity issues

Other outcomes included:

  • an increase in diversity knowledge and experience,

  • the ability to implement diversity within organisations;

  • better quality of training and advice;

  • better access to diversity information and advice.

Products developed:

  • Equality and diversity training resources (session plans, exercises, standards and guidance)

  • A diversity self assessment tool.

Products are available in English, German, Greek, Finnish, Dutch, Lithuanian and Spanish.


  • IUK Institut (Germany)

  • Research/Training Consultants, VFA (Greece)

  • Training Consultants, SIF (Lithuania)

  • Adult Education/training Provider LT, South Savo

  • Educational federation of Muncipalities/Mikkeli (Finland)

  • Adult Education/training Provider - pubic sector. Social Research Centre Dortmund (sfs) (Germany)

  • Research Centre at University, CID- Centro de investigación para el Desarrollo (Spain)

  • Not For profit Research and Training, ROC Midden Nederland (ROCMN) (Netherlands), FE College

For Further information please visit the project website: www.thedideproject.eu

For further information on the DIGe project please visit: www.digee.eu