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Equil is a new two years Erasmus+ project, which will develop learning resources to support the professional development of both new and existing Employment Practitioners, Educators, Employers and people with lived experience of Mental Health Illness. The project will create training packages by creating training modules, through the co-production model where professionals and people with lived experience of mental health illness are equal in training and the design of counselling. The co-production model overcomes the limits of participation and reach the level of co-creation putting the learner’s needs in the centre through sharing experiences, skills and values necessary for the employment advisers to support. It will contribute to addressing the needs of people with mental health illness and support them in gaining strength to change their unemployed status.


People with mental health illness


  • Coordinator: Merseyside Expanding Horizons, United Kingdom

  • MerseyCare NHS Trust, United Kingdom

  • Accion Laboral, Spain

  • CESIE, Italy

  • Mhtconsult Aps, Denmark

  • Zorgvragersorganisatie GGZ Midden Holla, Netherlands

Full Infortmation on the project and the current project activties can be found by visting the project website:

www.equilcoproduction.eu  - 0151 330 0552



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