ETOS - Effective Training for Outsiders of Society


Grundtvig Multilateral Project

Project No: 518564-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP


The specific aim of the project is to develop an innovative training methodology and skill certification system addressed to low skilled adults without any qualification.

The training methodology, to be tested during the project, will be extremely practical and will take place mainly in enterprises (small and sole proprietorship), while the entrepreneurs (supported by experienced tutors) will become themselves trainers on their job for the students.

The main goals of the project are:


With low skilled adults we mean:

  • School drop outs leading to lack of professional competencies

  • People with learning difficulties with or without a disability certification

  • Immigrants


  • To develop and test a new practical training methodology specifically addressed to people with learning difficulties who normally doesn't access or fail to complete their training.

  • To design a skills certification system and applying the "Proximity Scorecard" methodology, to assess the acquired skills of the training participants. This is an innovative and not yet exploited at European Level evaluation model and it is in full accordance with the E.C.V.E.T. requirements.

  • To obtain, by means of consensus agreements, a formal commitment of public institutions, VET or adult education centers and chamber of commerce/employers organizations, to apply the new methodology within their training plan for adult learners.

  • On a general level ETOS is ready to address issues such as assisting vulnerable groups and marginalized people to attend education and fulfill training paths so as to certificate their acquired skills.


ETOS will also facilitate the development of adult training organizations to improve their role in fighting social exclusion, in strengthening the support for low skilled and no qualified persons by addressing their learning needs through the creation of new training models and appropriate certification systems.

By means of addressing this matter ETOS will give a relevant contribution to the extension of lifelong learning rights (and duties) also to population which are not always considered primary target in education due to their relatively small portion compared to the general adult population, and due to their little advocacy excerpted not only on an education level, but in general within the human community.

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Project Coordinator: FORMATER


Project Coordinator: FORMATER

Erika Grasso

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