ILiC - Informal Learning in Communities


Grundtvig Multilateral Project

Project No: 510300-LLP-1-2010-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP

Informal Learning in Communities is a two year Grundtvig Multilateral project funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.


Learning is traditionally provided via a formal route however, there is continuing interest within the EU in the role of informal learning, specifically for individuals who may lack confidence and basic skills, and also as a means of generating community cohesion.

Recognising the importance of informal learning, the Informal Learning in Communities (ILiC) project will produce innovative training modules aimed at practitioners in the field of adult education wanting to develop and validate informal and non-formal learning opportunities within communities. ILiC will also engage and support adult learners within communities who are interested in pursuing informal learning opportunities.


Communities, adult learners


ILiC aims to investigate the use and validation of various informal learning pedagogical strategies within different "communities. By "communities" we mean geographical communities e.g. a defined local area of deprivation, or a thematic community e.g. people with mental health issues.


By investigating the use of various forms of informal learning within different communities, partners will share experiences and produce curriculum and learning materials to reflect the situation within different communities and countries. Our aim is to produce innovative training modules for practitioners in the field of adult education wanting to develop and validate informal learning within communities.

Outcomes include:

  • Research completed in each partner country exploring informal learning methods and how it is validated

  • DVD showing the different informal learning methods and pedagogical strategies and providing Adult Educators with practical examples of how to facilitate informal learning in various countries

  • A workbook which will provide Adult Learning Practitioners with practical material to help them to develop and validate informal learning opportunities within communities.

The final ILIC product will consist of a workbook and accompanying DVD. The material will be translated into the languages of the partner countries i.e. English, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Italian and German. During the 2 year project we anticipate 250 adult learners will be involved in informal learning and 50 practitioners will contribute to the project.


ILiC brings together 6 organisations from 6 different EU countries. The project is led by Merseyside Expanding Horizons in the UK who will work with colleagues from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany and Ireland. Each partner organisation will work with a different community and will investigate the use of 3-4 pedagogical strategies e.g. learning via peer mentoring, community networking, role models, intergenerational learning and community participation.



Rosina Ndukwe

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