Updated: Jan 21, 2019





Research on training and teaching methods and systems in the partner countries for disabled athletes.

Development of a comparative framework for strengths and weaknesses of training and teaching methods for disabled athletes.

Development of an EQVET based competence library for training and teaching by disabled athletes.

Exchange and testing of training and teaching practices for disabled athletes.

Development of Networks of training institutes, sport institutes and disabled (professional) athletes.


The role of Sports and Physical Exercise in both healing and socialization / rehabilitation process for people with mobility problems or intellectual disabilities has already been studied and defined within the framework of "Sports for all" EU strategy.


  • The development of a comprehensive approach on the role of Sport and Physical Exercise in the prevention and the treatment of mental illness (12 Policy papers).

  • The establishment of a European Network of Sport and Physical Exercise for Mental Health.

  • The public awareness on the necessity of a new specific approach on the conjunction of Sport with Mental Health within a EU wide Awareness Campaign.


Literature review reports

Comparative framework. Training Needs Analysis survey

Gap Analysis Report of disabled athletes and potential disabled trainers/coaches

Good Practice booklet: Methods to improve career opportunities in coaching and training for disabled athletes.Dissemination events and workshops to share best practice, raise awareness, gather feedback.


Coordinator: Euricon (The Netherlands)

MEH – Merseyside Expanding Horizons (United Kingdom)

SPGN Stichting Promotie Gehandicaptensport Nederland (The Netherlands)

Spon Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Osobom Niepełnosprawnym (Poland)

Hacettepe University Faculty of Sport Sciences (Turkey)

CSC – Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” (Italy)

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