Innovative Methods and Practices to Facilitate Social Inclusion

Grundtvig Multilateral Project

Project No: 503575-LLP-1-2009-1-LT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP



The new learning pathways for increasing social mobility to overcome social exclusion are introduced by Social Mobility Model (SMM).

  • SMM is tested on target groups:

  • unemployed women (50 persons);

  • senior citizens (44 persons);

  • migrants (41 persons);


The project aims to increase the level of social inclusion of senior citizens, unemployed people and migrants with a special emphasis on women.

The envisaged impact centres upon increasing the capacity of the target groups to move from social exclusion to social inclusion by increasing their social mobility.


The LIGHT project has produced the following outcomes/products/results

  • "E-Workbook for tutors" on Group Social Mentoring - The method "Group social mentoring" as an alternative learning approach to re/integrate the target groups into society and labour market. It results in the production of an"E-Workbook for tutors" on CD-ROM.

  • Video set on "Role models" on Social Inclusion - A multi-language video set on "Role models" has been created and used as an educational tool for learners to learn from the personal experience of people who have overcome social exclusion.

  • Case study videos of role models

  • 1. Role Model: Story of Mrs. Jana,

  • 2. Role model for long-term unemployed women, Vilija

  • 3. Raluca's way: the successful inclusion of a migrant in Germany

  • 4. Brenda: the Refugee Woman's Story

  • 5. Angele - role model for senior citizens

  • 6. Jesus's story (role model for senior citizens)

  • Training material for visual workshops "Equal opportunities and non-discrimination"  - The training material for visual workshops "Equal opportunities and non-discrimination" aims to help senior citizens, unemployed people and migrants to improve their civic competencies on gender equality and equal opportunities and to facilitate their adaptation to a diverse and changing society.

  • Visual Workshop "Equal opportunities and non-discrimination"

  • Guidelines for Tutors on Social mobility model -

  • All educational tools developed are tested at a national level and summarized in the European framework "Social Mobility Model"

  • Leaflet about the project

  • e-Newsletter about project outcomes


  • Lithuania;

  • Czech Republic;

  • Germany;

  • Spain;

  • United Kingdom.


Project Coordinator SOCIAL INNOVATION FUND Anželika Sliackiene

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