Senior Pass


Senior pass is a two year Project funded by the GRUNDTVIG Programme under the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.


It is recognized that senior citizens possess a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, however this is this is still not fully appreciated as an asset by businesses and society in general.

SENIORPASS will provide training and learning courses specially designed to assist unemployed older workers in the recognition and enhancement of knowledge, expertise and skills.

More than a classic learning cycle, SENIORPASS is both a learning and development path and a concrete and innovative tool, which will enable older member s of society to develop new skills, highlight existing skills, and regain confidence in order to find an active role in society.


Unemployed older workers


The aim of the SENIORPASS project is to facilitate the professional and social development of seniors in our society and give them the means to find an active role in society and possibly the labour market.  

SP aims to create an innovative space where methods of non-formal and informal education will allow the redevelopment and upgrading of skills by developing their own "e-portfolio", identifying their skills and enhancing their individual transferable personal and professional experiences.


The e-portfolio will be the first European dimension tool, created specifically for senior people to recognise their learning and development path. They will, firstly, be able to present their experience and skills to potential employers, and secondly, gain new skills in ICT by creating this portfolio. Therefore, they will experience non-formal education (learning by doing).

Each partner will work with a group of seniors to help them identify and develop their skills and competences through the SENIORPASS process. Some seniors will also undertake learning mobilities in partner countries to further enhance their skills and experience.


- Pistes Solidaires (France)

- Merseyside Expanding Horizons (United Kingdom)

- Dacorum CVS (United Kingdom)

- CEMA del Mezzogiorno onlus (Italy)

- Gulbene Municipality Council (Latvia)

- Gesellschaft für Europabildung (Germany)

If you are interested in participating in SENIORPASS please contact Joe Hemington at Merseyside Expanding Horizons.             Tel :     0151 330 0552

or visit the project website