Launch of the social hub: "The Big Onion."


Merseyside Expanding Horizons is excited about the launch of The Big Onion social hub.

This is a social project funded, developed, and managed by Merseyside Expanding Horizons.

The Big Onion is based in a vacant shop in Bootle Strand in order to provide a space for new entrepreneurs to gain advice and guidance as well as a practical platform to test trade their products. Members of the public will also access practical and emotional support on issues including employment, and skills development etc.   

We aim to use this unit as a community hub which will to serve the needs of the local residents, whilst enabling local budding entrepreneurs an outlet for their products and services

The Big Onion will involve the whole community at committee, volunteer, employee, shareholder and shop-user level in the success of the enterprise. Lastly, the local area itself will benefit as we believe this project will contribute to maintaining an engaged a vibrant community.

Our goal is to provide help and support to local people through volunteering and employability support.  

We will work in partnership to provide quality training and support to volunteers specifically around Mental Health First Aid and offer a wide range of different services, from advice about starting up a business or social enterprise, community engagement and volunteering, access to employability with community organisations, support for volunteers, housing and benefits advice etc. As well as providing a space for other local voluntary sector agencies to work with the community We are a flexible and innovative organisation that works to promote the views and ideas of local people to  help people to have a  positive impact on their community whilst improving their own lives.

If you want more about com to vist us at the following link: