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Basma, 26, Egypt

Basma, 26, came to Liverpool all the way from Egypt and has enjoyed her stay so far.

Basma, 26, came to Liverpool all the way from Egypt and has enjoyed her stay so far.

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a great way to get valuable working experience abroad. Merseyside Expanding Horizons offers opportunities for people to participate in EVS, by sending and hosting volunteers. ​

What made you apply to a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project?

I applied for EVS project in Europe for many reasons. First is the cultural exchange and volunteering concept. Second, I want to develop my communication skills and technical skills through working with an international organisation like MEH.

Why have you decided to get an internship abroad?

I want to get an experience from a European work environment, especially because I come from Egypt so I want to gain new experiences and skills and to develop my career path working in the youth field and volunteering.

MEH works in an international context with different employees around the world: how do you find yourself in this context? Which are the differences that you noticed most between England culture and your home country?

I am motivated to work in multicultural environment so volunteering with MEH is very suitable for me. I come from a Mediterranean African country so the culture here is totally different from my own. I am gaining new habits and I enjoy the English traditions for example their habit of drinking a lot tea and infrastructure of UK, especially Liverpool.

What is the thing you are missing most about your home country?

Family and friends, but I chat with them online daily.

What is the thing you like most and the thing you would like to change about Liverpool?

The thing I would like to change is absolutely the weather, because Egypt is very sunny the whole year. I love very much the museums and all the sightseeing’s.

Describe MEH in 3 words.

Multicultural, helpful, professional.

Do you think that your experience in MEH has changed something in your being? (Professional and unprofessional point of view)

Yes of course, I’d say I’ve gained a lot of technical and communicational skills which will help me to improve my career and life. Also the experience with MEH has met my expectations and I have developed the skills of proposal writing and many technical skills. Also the work spirit is amazing and I get support from everybody on the team.

Do you think that your experience in MEH will be useful in a future? (Personal point of view)

Yes, MEH gave me a lot of support to join the team and to get this EVS opportunity, especially in UK. Also working in the multicultural environment has given me self-confidence and experience. When I return to my country I will have a lot of experiences and memories for sure.

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