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Luca, 29, Italy

A day in the Life of an MEH Project Manager.

A day in the Life of an MEH Project Manager.

I deeply want to thank Merseyside Expanding Horizons for the big opportunity they offered to me, and for helping me to grow up individually and personally. Thank you for the support and for making it possible for me to look out over the charm of the city of Liverpool and of the United Kingdom. Thank you to the whole team who made me feel safe. Thank you for all the knowledge I have acquired. Thank you for teaching me that life is rough and that I must not be scared to face changes. Thank you to make me personally stronger despite any difficulty. Thank you to make me realise that I can dream everyday and that we can always improve committing to be better individuals. I am sure we can do much more for reaching a major impact on the communities and Merseyside Expanding Horizons can do it better. A massive Thank You!

My day-to-day responsibilities were co-ordinating with different departments and partners of projects to ensure tasks are done on time. Furthermore, keeping track of and reporting on project progress. Completing any tasks assigned by the Project Manager in an efficient and timely manner.

I worked on the preparation of application forms for the Erasmus + projects. For the ongoing projects, I worked on maintaining communication with the projects’ international partners. I attended project development & management meetings. I updated and published the social media profiles for the ongoing projects and also prepared flyers for the recent training and piloting events of the projects.

I worked on the 'RADart' and 'INCLUDED' Projects:

'RADart's' project aim was to develop creative and artistic tools for youth workers and using art as a vehicle to improve their competencies in order to prevent the risk of radicalisation among young people. I conducted research for the need analysis in the UK. I worked for creating an EU Manual for Youth Workers (Creative and digital methodologies to recognize and prevent radicalization processes), I attended project partners’ meetings online regularly. I have participated in 5 days of Learning and Training Activity events in Poland organised by the project’s Poland partner. I prepared agendas before meetings and after I shared the keypoints and decisions taken during meetings with all partners. I wrote a European Research Report based on the survey carried out by young people about radicalisation in collaboration with partner organisations. I conducted a pilot training session with my co-worker with 8 participants from different NGOs and organisations in Liverpool and the Bootle area.

'INCLUDED' targeted the priority “skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts”.

It aimed to design and implement an inclusive sexual education curriculum for high-school students and a model to foster a whole-school approach to sexual education, both based on theatrical techniques and positive psychology. I did the need analysis of the UK for future project outputs of INCLUDED. I kept track of project progress and communicated with project partners for deadlines. I contributed to creating a curricular inclusive sex-education training program. I attended the project progress meeting and took notes of key points and shared them with partners afterward.

Now, melancholically, I say goodbye, and happily I say good luck lovely people!

Love you all x

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