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ALM Interiors

Everyone has those rooms in their home that they try to tackle and just can’t quite seem to get right. They might be a difficult shape, have an oddly placed window or are just too big to fill in a cohesive way.

ALM Interiors was first born as a passion project for the founder, Abbi McKeown, from her love of beautiful interiors. It has since evolved into a love of problem solving for her clients all over the North West.

Merseyside Expanding Horizons met her a few months ago and have been so proud to see her use her skill and focus to engage with feedback and challenges.

She's a tenacious entrepreneur who has built her business from scratch and earned contracts through excellent networking and proving herself.

Get in touch with Abbi to discuss any spaces that sound familiar and see how she can help:

Galeria de Projetos

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