What is European Solidarity Corps?

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative and it creates opportunities for young people between 18-30 to volunteer or work in projects around Europe. These projects benefit communities or people and they are run by organisations that have been checked and authorised to run ESC projects.


Organisations can recruit ESC participants as volunteers, workers, apprentices or trainees based on the projects needs. 


Volunteering is an amazing learning experience, which will help you with both your personal and professional development. It’s a way to contribute and a chance to show solidarity and help communities. It also a change to explore while living in another country, learning about other cultures and making friends internationally.


Volunteers will receive support depending on the EU programme funding the placement, such as return travel costs to and from the project, accommodation, meals, medical insurance and a small allowance (pocket money) to cover their day-to-day living expenses.



You have to be between 18-30 years old and legally resident in the EU Member States or one of countries listed here.


Taking part in a European Solidarity Corps project will be a significant achievement for any young person. It will be an asset when applying for a job and it will help you when you apply for higher education. The European Solidarity Corps could be a new opportunity for you to engage in a meaningful activity which could prove to be a stepping stone into employment.


After participating in a project you will be entitled to receive a certificate that documents your participation. You could use this when applying for jobs or further learning.

Borderless Ambassadors for Alternatives Rural Spaces

Llerena, Spain

2nd July - 8th July

Target group: 2 Youth workers or activists (older than 18)

Seminar in Spain for youth workers

The main idea of this seminar is put 
together a diverse group of youth workers in the scope of rural 
alternatives of self-employment through tourism and environmental 

The aim of project is to gather intelligence about possibilities, 
technologies, tactics and strategies in the way to healthy rural 

There will be 32 participants from 16 countries.

All expenses are covered for the participant by the project.

Apply by sending an email to info@expandinghorizons.co.uk by Saturday 25th May.


Barcelos, Portugal

Duration: 12 months

Start: 1st week of June

Travel, insurance, local transport and monthly allowance are covered by the project!

Are you interested in spending a year in beautiful Portugal? Are you good with kids or is helping the elderly close to your heart? If you said yes, we have an amazing opportunity for you!


We are looking for one volunteer who we will send to SOPRO - Solidarity and Promotion as part of the Powerful Volunteers project. There the volunteer will work either with children or elderly and help in other activities organised by SOPRO.

Travel, insurance, local transport and monthly allowance are covered by the project!



Founded in 1996 by a group of young volunteer students from La Salle College and has its headquarters in Barcelos, Portugal. SOPRO is recognized as a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGO) with the Statute of Public Utility Entity, Non-profit. 


SOPRO develops its activities and projects in international and local levels guided by the following values: solidarity, cooperation, education as a universal right, justice, respect and volunteer work.

Internationally, SOPRO develops the international Volunteer Program in Mozambique with support of Portuguese volunteers who work on projects in the area of Education and Development.



A solidarity and social inclusion project aimed at young people. The project will receive 4 volunteers from 4 countries, one from each; United Kingdom, Algeria, Bulgaria and Italy. These volunteers will work either with children or with the elderly. The tasks include supporting with daily tasks (sports, handmade works etc), participate in SOPRO’s campaigns, helping in SOPRO garden and blogging about their experience and life in Portugal. 



Volunteers will get allowance of 80 € per month and 5 € per day pocket money. 



Volunteers will have a shared room in an apartment where they will also share kitchen, bathroom and living room facilities with other volunteers. The rooms are furnished.



Send your application and motivation letter to


Ankara, Turkey

10 - 16/06/19

For 4 persons between the ages16-18

Eat Better Live Longer

The main aim of the project is to create awareness for fighting against malnutrition and increase the eutrophy (adequate nutrition) consciousness of the young. Our project will be held between 10-16 June in 2019 with the youth participators from England, Poland, Crotia, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey with the age group 16-18. In total it makes 35 participators with 4 youth and 1 group leader for each partner. 

The theme of the project is to get a longer and healthy life with adequate nutrition.That’s why our motto is ‘Eat Better Live Longer !’ 

Click here for more information


Applications and questions can be sent to



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