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Enterprise Hub Skills


Enterprise Hub Skills Project is a programme of entrepreneurial training, learning and development focused on Liverpool City Region residents who are thinking about starting their own business, who are self-employed, working or volunteering within or running small businesses. The objective is to support and improve their individual business skills, knowledge and capacity. This would be achieved by providing a specially designed package of community outreach, one to one advice, accredited and non-accredited enterprise skills development and training support. Enterprise Hub Skills training will therefore help to improve enterprise skills and qualifications levels, which would lead to increased numbers of enterprises created in the Liverpool City Region as well as improving their sustainability and performance. It will also help to promote a culture of entrepreneurial learning and development in LCR and critically help improve growth and productivity. The programme will be delivered between 1 st January 2020 and 30 th June 2023 with final data collection by 31st July 2023.


The programme has been designed to address a number of specific problems:

- Bespoke pre-start up enterprise training for individuals from disadvantaged groups

- Provide necessary accredited skills and support to Unemployed and Economically Inactive and employed people in Liverpool City Region to empower them to develop their enterprise, teamworking and leadership skills

MEH’s programme will provid participants an opportunity to develop and understand enterprise and entrepreneurialism and bridge the gap of people from disadvantaged people developing entrepreneurial related skills within LCR. It will enable access not available through mainstream routeways into sustainable businesses..


We will work with 158 unemployed people and economically active people before June 2023 supporting 98 of these individual into education or employment.


The Women’ Organisation – Lead Partner (accountable body)


For more info: Joe Hemington,

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