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Erasmus Plus


Mobility + aims to develop innovative and adaptable training programmes and resources for adult education workers and their beneficiaries. In this way, they will have the opportunity to enrich the career paths of their participants by helping them to gain experience abroad and develop competences that will be complementary to their educational process. The MOBILITY+ project will directly involve 40 adult education workers and 50 participants in mobility projects, of which at least 20 have fewer opportunities.


The objective of the MOBILITY+ project is to develop tools that enable adult education workers to raise awareness and help their beneficiaries to participate in mobility projects. It also aims to adapt the tools so that they can be used by adult education structures not only in the partner countries but also throughout Europe.

The project partners will therefore undertake the realisation of 4 intellectual productions:

  • “Information and orientation training” to improve the knowledge of adult education workers about mobility programmes and projects. This will be an opportunity to promote more adapted and personalised support and guidance for future mobility participants.

  • “Competences Manual” for adult education professionals which can help them to understand and explain key competences to their beneficiaries. The result will be fully adapted to the adult education sector;

  • "Path definition" developed in the form of a portfolio and a pedagogical video to help adult education workers link the needs and expectations of their beneficiaries to support competence building;

  • "Valorisation Workshops" and its guide to monitor the follow-up of participants on their return from mobility projects and to reinforce the benefits of international mobility for adult education workers.

All four productions will be easy to use, searchable, downloadable, and available in 4 languages (English, French, German and Estonian).

Our project will have an impact on the number of adult education workers involved, trained, and empowered to support future mobility participants. It will also have an impact on the future mobility participants who will receive personalised support to be well oriented and prepared to benefit from a mobility experience in terms of skills, professional and personal experience.

The project started in November 2020, with a kick-off seminar organised online on the 3rd and 4th November. The seminar helped to set the objectives, the timetable of the project and to distribute the tasks among the partners.


-increased inclusion of adult learners

- adult education workers


Merseyside Expanding Horizons , Liverpool, UK (Coordinator)

ADICE, France


For more info: CONTACT PERSON: Joe Hemington -

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