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Erasmus+ KA2


More than the 27% of young people are at risk of poverty or social exclusion (Eurostat,

2019). Their personal circumstances and the environment in which they live may make them vulnerable to various violent radical influences. RADart aims to increase awareness and

skills among youth workers and other professionals working with children and young people involved in non-formal learning activities. Youth radicalisation has become a growing issue

in Europe and its neighbouring regions.

All of these concerns have highlighted the need to work with youth

workers, to help them find an efficient and effective way to engage with young people at risk of radicalisation.


- To develop accessible and innovative methodologies and promote collaboration among complementary organisations in order to improve competences of youth workers through

capacity-building activities

- To raise awareness of the impact of art on young people at risk of radicalisation through action research, artistic methodologies, and local and international events

- To improve critical thinking skills of young people by involving them in a research and by using art

- To raise awareness of the risks of extremism and radicalisation among family members and communities through accessible guidelines


Youth workers Young people Broader communities Policy makers


RADart project brings together 5 different organisations from 5 EU countries and representing

private, public and third sector.


For more info: Anna Bellan

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