Marta Lázaro Echavarren

Project Manager

Marta is European project manager at MEH. She manages and implements projects at local and international level.

This young Spaniard is communication-oriented and interested in human and social relations. In her personal, academic, and professional career, she has always been attracted by issues related to Europe and the links between people, countries, and communities.

With a degree in Law and specialising in international law and the European Union, her training has enabled her to integrate a range of tools that facilitate the realisation of projects, such as social justice, youth, migration, art, volunteering, phenomena such as cyberbullying and hate speech, mobility, adult education, the elderly, mental health, and new technologies.

Marta has excellent communication skills and can facilitate impactful workshops, she is organised, responsible, enthusiastic, and involved in the projects she undertakes.

Marta Lázaro Echavarren