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Merseyside Expanding Horizons


Let's Make a Difference

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Putting Our Experiences to Work

Merseyside Expanding Horizons (MEH) is a non-governmental organisation for positive influence and social change.

We strive to develop the skills of socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the Merseyside region, so that they are better equipped to identify their needs and participate confidently within society.  


Our multi-skilled delivery team is drawn from a diverse background that combines professional skills with lived experiences.  Our collaboration with multi-agency and cross sector partnerships allows us to support and deliver a further range of targeted initiatives to achieve our goals in promoting and enabling social inclusion across Merseyside.

Check Out What We Do

Take a look at our projects past and future.  Why not volunteer to be part of our growing team and help to make a difference to someone's life?

Meeting Room Business


Enterprise hub

Do you need help with your business? Our Enterprise Hub Skills will give you a kick-start and help you start your enterprise or improve your work prospects in or out of work.  Our experts have decades of experience in helping making businesses money. 

We offer 121 fully funded business support, as well as Level 2 and 3 accredited courses in:

Hospitality – Level 1

Work Goals and Aspirations – Level 1

Introduction to Leadership - Level 2

Advanced Leadership skills - Level 2

Improve your business skills - Level 3

Building a Social Media Plan - Level 3


If you would like to discuss the curriculum or 1-2-1 support on specifics of your business for yourself or your group, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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