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“All in Campaign Against Discrimination! Forum, Paris June 2019”

Merseyside Expanding Horizons is proud to be part of ANI International Project 'All in Campaign Against Discrimination!' supported by the Mairie de Paris, which was held in Paris in June 2019.

We engaged three young people from Liverpool to be a part of this project and organised Workshops about stereotypes and prejudices and legal framework in the UK to act against all forms of discrimination to prepare participating in this forum.

Before flying to Paris, we organised workshops in Liverpool to discuss with our participants about their knowledge of discrimination and to share more about the legal framework in UK and how can people be aware about discrimination types and how can they report accidents of discrimination. As well as, they created a video about cyber bulling as type of discrimination and how it could affect the lives of young people.

We shared their experience during the forum in Paris and discussed with the attendees about discrimination and cyber bullying.

On the other hand, our participants shared with us the new gained experiences and developed competences during the forum.

Liam, one of our participants enjoyed working in a team before and during the forum and said “I learnt from others in regards to coming up with creative ideas for the video. You could say I developed my capacity for thinking outside the box" and continued “the most significant thing I learnt is about the UK laws surrounding discrimination in the UK, as I did not know about these before, and I consider it actionable knowledge that could be used on a personal or professional level."

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