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The Mobility+ project

Over the past 2 years, the partners of the KA2 Mobility+ project have cooperated and collaborated in order to successfully achieve the main objective of the project: To enable adult education workers to raise awareness and support their beneficiaries to participate in mobility projects.

To do this, the project created innovative, interactive and user-friendly tools. These tools are as follows:

  • The Guide - Information and Orientation to improve adult education workers' knowledge of mobility programmes and projects.

  • The Competence Manual for adult education professionals, which will help them to understand and explain the key competences to their beneficiaries.

  • The Portfolio - Build your international mobility project to help adult education workers link the needs and expectations of their beneficiaries in order to achieve competence building, accompanied by an educational video.

  • The Guide - Valorisation Workshop to monitor the effectiveness of the follow-up of participants after the return from mobility projects and to reinforce the benefits of international mobility for adult education workers.

These four tools are complementary and have been designed to help adult education workers to provide optimal, inclusive and pedagogical support to their international mobility participants.

The project has had an impact on different target audiences at different levels:

  • Adult education professionals are involved, trained and empowered to support future international mobility participants.

  • Future international mobility participants receive personalised support in order to be well oriented and prepared to benefit from the mobility experience in terms of professional and personal skills and experience.

  • The impact has been on the degree of added value that the development of strong active partnerships between the sending organisations and their network of adult educators will bring to the partner organisations. This has strengthened their cooperation and contribution to the proper orientation and support of the beneficiaries in the adult education sector.

Thus, the Mobility+ cooperation project can be considered successful and the tools created will contribute to guarantee the smooth running of the support of the participants in international mobility.

The good cooperation between the partners allows the project to be closed under good conditions. A big thank you to all of you for the work accomplished, and we look forward to meeting again on new projects, whatever they may be.

For more information contact:

KA2 Mobility+ IO4 Workshop EN
Download PDF • 6.47MB
Mobility+ - 6th Article
Download PDF • 67KB
WEB_Portfolio Mobility+ EN
Download PDF • 9.48MB
BAT_Portfolio Mobility+ EN
Download PDF • 9.67MB
Mobility^M_IO4 Article_EN, FR, DE, ET
Download PDF • 217KB

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