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Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project


EDIN is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project, which aims to exchange good practice in the field of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The project responds to current needs of different European countries, where Diversity & Inclusion is a key discussion point within public and government policy. The current economic and demographic situation in EU countries has had a big influence on the business environment, and there has been a lot of research which has suggested that diversity has a positive impact on the atmosphere in the workplace, as well as encouraging innovation and efficiency.

The focus of the project is to promote effective solutions related to managing Diversity & Inclusion in business, in order to have a positive influence on working environments and suggesting solutions which will help to overcome all the barriers associated with this topic.


The main goals are to promote ideas and solutions around Diversity & Inclusion in work places; create tools and solutions supporting implementation of ideas in business environments and sharing knowledge and good practice about diversity.


  • Build a platform of knowledge to share information about diversity in workplaces;

  • Increase knowledge about diversity in business, and exchange experiences and good practice;

  • Engage social partners – including public bodies, Private Companies, Social Enterprises and Voluntary Sector Organisations (NGOs).

  • Increase competencies around Diversity and Inclusion of company employees participating on the project.

  • Promote inclusion in companies.


  • International network of organisations working together around diversity and inclusion representing Private, Public and Voluntary sectors.

  • An on-line platform for organisations to be able to share and gain knowledge on diversity and inclusion.

  • Increased partnership and cooperation between network partners from the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors.

  • Increased “cultural awareness” within companies in the EU countries involved in the partnership.


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