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Linking social inclusion and environment is a means to attain Sustainable development through a comprehensive approach to achieve this goal. The scope of the "Environmental Responsibility: From Individual to Community Action" project (hereinafter, ERICA) is to allow young people aged to start getting involved in environmental challenges both on a local and European level.

The ERICA workshop took place at the beginning of November 2018 and it last 6 days. The youth exchange make use of non-formal learning methodologies to coach the participants about environmental challenges and solutions, their individual responsibility and the array of actions they can take in order to change their attitude and develop community actions. Among the topics of the workshop, the participants work on: urban/rural relationships, pollution, the European Agenda 2020 and the SDGs, biodiversity and ecosystems loss, and corporate responsibility. Moreover, the workshop will involve activities to develop intercultural and communication skills, as well as strengthening the European values, as "united in diversity".

In the long term, the project aims to encourage the participants to pursue further education paths regarding sustainable development or getting involved through volunteering or work experience.


Youth exchange in Portugal for 25 young people and 5 youth leaders in the town of Arrimal, in the Natural Park of Aire and Candeeiros, Portugal. The age of the participants is between 18-30 years old.


· Merseyside Expanding Horizons - UK (Coordinator)

· Toprak Ana - Turkey

· AiCare - Italy

· Vertigem - Portugal


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