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In accordance with European Strategy 2020, WISE project aims to create a positive environment for women with disadvantaged background around social entrepreneurship in order to boost their confidence, encourage the improvement of their skills and foster their self-employability with the support of tools and other women entrepreneurs and adult educators. The final goal is to inspire women from different backgrounds and include them in the labour market.


- Women of marginalised groups aspiring to become social entrepreneurs

- Women business leaders from Social Enterprise

- Adult Educators

- Participating organisations (indirect target groups)

- Training centres


WISE brings together 6 different organisations from 6 EU countries and representing

private, public and third sector. The project is led by Merseyside Expanding Horizons that will work with partners from France, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Spain that have a different expertise and will bring different perspectives on the field.

For more info: Anna Bellan


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