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ERDF Enterprise HUB


European Union - European Regional Development Found


Enterprise Hub (EH) is a comprehensive entrepreneurship promotion and business support programme, supported by the European Regional development Fund (ERDF) which will foster the creation of new enterprises from pre start to early stage businesses.


We are providing assistance to 6360 potential-entrepreneurs and helping create 1272 new business ventures.


  • The Enterprise Hub will reach and provide high quality business brokerage and business support services to a diverse customer profile of would be entrepreneurs.

  • Resulting in the creation of high value SMEs and social businesses across all sectors and providing a simplified route for customers to access the support when and how they need it.


MEH will provide business start support to through a range of information workshops and one to one support.


The Enterprise Hub is a consortium of partner organisations of which Merseyside Expanding Horizons is one.

For more info:

If you would like more information or are interested in attending a workshop or signing up for one to one support, please contact Joe Hemington on 0151 330 0552

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