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“I” stands for:

I = intrinsic à motivation to learn

I (as a teacher) à I motivate my learners to learn

I (as a learner) à I’m motivated to learn

I = innovation

The I-Motole project responds to European needs, challenges and policy within Adult Education. In 2009, ET 2020 set four common EU objectives to address challenges in education and training systems by 2020, making lifelong learning and mobility a reality, improving the quality and efficiency of education and training, etc.

The overall aim of the project is to produce a more effective educational experience for adult learners in the context mentioned through effective strategies focused on improving the intrinsic motivation of adults from marginal, vulnerable, disadvantaged groups or situations of social exclusion.


These are precisely the target groups which are represented by the partners in this project: migrants, Roma & disadvantaged groups, refugees and asylum-seekers, people with disabilities, people in specific situations of exclusion from learning (such as those in hospitals, care homes and prisons), members of deprived communities experiencing poverty and social exclusion.


  • To improve the intrinsic motivation in adult learners in situations of exclusion to learn in both formal and non-formal adult education.

  • To improve adult learner’s participations

  • To reduce drop-out rates in centers and motivated learners to succeed and finish their respective education and training.

  • As a result of increased take-up and reduced drop-out rates, to improve participation in adult education in centers.

  • To improve participants’ range of experience, enhancing their experience and cultural understanding.

  • To improve the employability of participants in the programme.


Project website :

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