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Liverpool Transnational Unit


The Liverpool Transnational Unit (LTU) will support voluntary and community (VCS) sector organisations across the Merseyside area towards increased potential for sustainability through accessing European working opportunities by:

  • Developing VCS organisations (planning, goal-setting, diagnostics, training, up- skilling)

  • Sharing information, best practice and identifying opportunities for EC working

  • Providing EC partner links and matching service

  • Developing project applications for VCS organisations

  • Secure inward investment from the EC to Merseyside based VCS organisations

The LTU is managed by Merseyside Expanding Horizons and receives funding support from the Third Sector Local Infrastructure Fund through Voluntary and Community Action Wirral (VCAW). The LTU will aim to not only match groups to European counterparts, but to identify opportunities, develop projects and help with securing funding for projects.

The LTU offers a bespoke service to organisations including the following services:

  • Diagnostic analysis to identify support needs of VCS groups

  • Practical support, training and advice for groups and staff/volunteers

  • Development of projects and applications for project funding

  • Ongoing management of transnational projects

Contact: Rosina Ndukwe Merseyside Expanding Horizons

For more information please visit:

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