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Motive is an Erasmus + project funded by European Union which recognise that adult learning makes an important contibution to social inclusion, active ctizenship and can upskill/reskill those afected by unemployment. MOTIVE does this by developing a training methodology which enables adult learners to develop a personal pathway through finding their own Community Resilience Employability Development Opportunity (CREDO) they will discover motivation to become active citizens in their own community and to learn new skills and competencies through informal and non formal learning. MOTIVE will develop training course and learning course which support adult learners to become Community Learning Champions in their own community and support other adult learners to access and engage with their own CREDO and learning opportunities and validate this learning with use of validation tools.


Adult learners


By creating a personal pathway for individuals Motive will develop resources which can be used within community education to support people to become active citizens and develop/improve competencies and skills which enable them to move onto further education or employment. The project will develop resources, processes and guidelines which enable the Community Learning Manager to support the Community Learning Champions successfully. The resources will also enable learners to map out areas of the lives in terms of WORK (represented by how much time they are in paid employment), LEARNING (represented by the time spent in informal, non formal, or formal education), PLAY (how much time is spent doing leisure activities, and GIVING (represented by voluntary work) which in turn will support them to develop a personal action plan about which area of their life they would like to develop further. Thus the resources and training materials developed will enable practitioners and learners to develop skills and competencies within each sphere of their lives i.e. personal, social, and vocational.

The project will also develop an impact assessment based on tools and resources. This impact will use "3 way thinking" methodology which enables individual learners to assess the impact of their personal path and CREDO in terms of the impact that it has on themselves, the organisation will be working with, and the community as a whole.


MOTIVE involve a Consortium of 6 organisations from 5 European countries :

Project Coordinator

- Merseyside Expanding Horizons, United Kingdom

Partner organisations

- Associazione Formazione 80, Italy

- Socialiniu inovaciju fondas, Lithuania

- Windmills Limited, United Kingdom

- Verein Multikuturell, Austria

- CEMEA Rhone-Alpes, France


For more information: contact Joe Hemington,

To find out more about this exciting project or to get involved go to the project website

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