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  • The Erasmus+ Project: DEISY I

    Project DEISY - The Development of European Values for Inclusive Society I has now come to an end. This project enabled MEH to host 4 volunteers from Spain, Italy and Ireland who had the opportunity to take part in solidarity activities, local projects and to make positive changes whilst engaging with the local community in Liverpool. They strengthened their skills and developed values of citizenship, solidarity, equality and tolerance while working on different Erasmus+ project within a multicultural environment. We thank them all for their active involvement and contribution at MEH and we wish them the best for their future projects!

  • The Mobility+ project

    Over the past 2 years, the partners of the KA2 Mobility+ project have cooperated and collaborated in order to successfully achieve the main objective of the project: To enable adult education workers to raise awareness and support their beneficiaries to participate in mobility projects. To do this, the project created innovative, interactive and user-friendly tools. These tools are as follows: The Guide - Information and Orientation to improve adult education workers' knowledge of mobility programmes and projects. The Competence Manual for adult education professionals, which will help them to understand and explain the key competences to their beneficiaries. The Portfolio - Build your international mobility project to help adult education workers link the needs and expectations of their beneficiaries in order to achieve competence building, accompanied by an educational video. The Guide - Valorisation Workshop to monitor the effectiveness of the follow-up of participants after the return from mobility projects and to reinforce the benefits of international mobility for adult education workers. These four tools are complementary and have been designed to help adult education workers to provide optimal, inclusive and pedagogical support to their international mobility participants. The project has had an impact on different target audiences at different levels: Adult education professionals are involved, trained and empowered to support future international mobility participants. Future international mobility participants receive personalised support in order to be well oriented and prepared to benefit from the mobility experience in terms of professional and personal skills and experience. The impact has been on the degree of added value that the development of strong active partnerships between the sending organisations and their network of adult educators will bring to the partner organisations. This has strengthened their cooperation and contribution to the proper orientation and support of the beneficiaries in the adult education sector. Thus, the Mobility+ cooperation project can be considered successful and the tools created will contribute to guarantee the smooth running of the support of the participants in international mobility. The good cooperation between the partners allows the project to be closed under good conditions. A big thank you to all of you for the work accomplished, and we look forward to meeting again on new projects, whatever they may be. For more information contact: Joe Hemington Maïlys Joubert

  • You Broke Our Star

    Presentation to the EU Parliament of the Project “CyberIncluding Goes Europe” From 11th - 15th July, 7 participants from the UK had an opportunity to present the legislative proposal "Bullying, cyberbullying and hate speech: phenomena to prevent and fight", together with 4 other partner Organisations to the European Parliament. Despite not being part of the EU we still feel united in diversity with our European friends under the common cause of cyber bullying advocacy. It has been both a pleasure and privilege to take a transnational approach with young people to advocate changes that disproportionately affect the youth. We, as young people, understand that cyber bullying is an important social issue and we felt accomplished to be able to share our thoughts on the phenomenon. We are hoping to get somewhere with what we have shared and hope to make a change for the younger generations within Europe. Some of us have struggled with bullying before and this topic hits close to home, so it is important for us to be heard. From a personal experience, bullying affects your confidence, well-being and spirit. We don’t want other young people to go through the turmoils some of us have experienced without consequences towards the bully. Having the tragic realisation that we can no longer take part in European projects is extremely disheartening as we feel that we have made changes in the right direction and we wish to continue to do so. However, we look to the future with great hope, knowing that the EU has young representatives who strongly advocate for future policies. We would like to think that this is not a goodbye, rather a Bon Voyage! Authors: Anja Marojević, Sabin Mares, Sana Gubari, Rodolfo III Abedejos, Ellie Leacy, Annabelle Marsden, Samarh Gubar

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  • Business Start Up Support | Expanding Horizons

    Start Up Support In Partnership with Merseyside Expanding Horizons, SAFE Regeneration and Invest Sefton we are offering friendly and expert advice and support to anyone thinking of starting a business. ​ At our Big Onion hub in Bootle and in outreach across the borough, MEH provides inclusive expert business advice in Sefton to help residents achieve economic independence. ​ SAFE provides free qualified enterprise star up and growth support inan inclusive and accessible environment. ​ Delivered in partnership through the six local authorities in the Liverpool City Region (Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton St Helens and Wirral) and Funded through the UK shared prosperity fund (UKSPF). ​ If you have an idea we can help! ​ ​ ​

  • Social Inclusion | Merseyside Expanding Horizons | England

    A BRIGHTER FUTURE Let's Make a Difference Putting Our Experiences to Work Merseyside Expanding Horizons (MEH) is a non-governmental organisation for positive influence and social change. ​ We strive to develop the skills of socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the Merseyside region, so that they are better equipped to identify their needs and participate confidently within society. Our multi-skilled delivery team is drawn from a diverse background that combines professional skills with lived experiences. Our collaboration with multi-agency and cross sector partnerships allows us to support and deliver a further range of targeted initiatives to achieve our goals in promoting and enabling social inclusion across Merseyside. ​ ​ Learn More Check Out What We Do Take a look at our projects past and future. Why not volunteer to be part of our growing team and help to make a difference to someone's life? Our Projects Latest News FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA

  • Vacancies | Expanding Horizons

    Join Our Team “If there was ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, IT IS NOW!” Cheryl J Barclay Apply As part of our ongoing development and growth, we have a new exciting role to join our dynamic and diverse team. You will have the opportunity to work both across Liverpool, within our sister organisation in Ireland and across other EU countries. If you have excellent coordination/project management skills, experience of supporting people to take part in research, training and develop their skills, and are passionate about empowering people to reach their potential then we would love to hear from you. ​ ​ Full time role available: 1 x EU Project Coordinator/Trainer ​ To apply for either role please send your CV and a covering letter (1500 words max) detailing how your skills and experiences demonstrate the person specification and job description. Please note that the successful applicant must have permission to work in the UK. If you would like an informal chat about the vacancy, please call Joe Hemington on 07539786999. ​ ​ Job Description

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